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Combinatorica Package Guide
Combinatorica Package
Permutations get a list of permutations
BinarySubsets enumerate subsets using binary representation
InversePermutation  ▪ KSubsets  ▪ RandomSubset  ▪ ToCycles  ▪ CycleIndex  ▪ ...
Partitions list partitions of a positive integer
Compositions list all compositions of integer n into k parts
Tableaux construct Young tableaux from integer partition
Graph, Edges, Vertices basic graph elements
ShowGraph display a graph
MakeGraph construct a graph
GraphJoin join two graphs
EdgeStyle  ▪ VertexStyle  ▪ Highlight  ▪ ...
DegreeSequence list number of edges for each vertex
OrientGraph find strongly connected orientation of a graph
ChromaticPolynomial compute chromatic polynomial for a graph
EdgeConnectivity  ▪ Girth  ▪ Bridges  ▪ ...
Dijkstra find single-source shortest path
MinimumSpanningTree find a minimum spanning tree of a graph
NetworkFlow maximum flow through a graph