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Combinatorica Package Guide
Partitions and Compositions
Integer Partitions
Partitions list partitions of a positive integer
NextPartition next partition in lexicographic ordering
FerrersDiagram visualize a partition
Distribution list the frequency of each element in a list
Compositions list all compositions of integer n into k parts
RandomComposition construct a random composition
Set Partitions
SetPartitions partition a set
ToCanonicalSetPartition reorder a set partition into a canonical order
KSetPartitions partition a set into k parts
RankSetPartition rank the set partition in a list of all partitions of a given set
RGFs list restricted growth functions
RankRGF find the rank of a restricted growth function
RandomRGF random restricted growth function
Young Tableaux
Tableaux construct Young tableaux from integer partition
RandomTableau construct a random tableau
PermutationToTableaux construct tableaux from a permutation
InsertIntoTableau insert an integer into a tableau
TransposeTableau transpose a tableau
FirstLexicographicTableau first Young tableau in lexicographic ordering