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Equivalences[g, h]
lists the vertex equivalence classes between graphs g and h defined by their vertex degrees.
lists the vertex equivalences for graph g defined by the vertex degrees.
Equivalences[g, h, f1, f2, ...] and Equivalences[g, f1, f2, ...]
can also be used, where f_1,f_2,… are functions that compute other vertex invariants. It is expected that for each function f_i, the call f_i[g,v] returns the corresponding invariant at vertex v in graph g. The functions f_1,f_2,… are evaluated in order, and the evaluation stops either when all functions have been evaluated or when an empty equivalence class is found. Three vertex invariants, DegreesOf2Neighborhood, NumberOf2Paths, and Distances are Combinatorica functions and can be used to refine the equivalences.