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FindDivisions[{xmin, xmax}, n]
finds a list of about n "nice" numbers that divide the interval around xmin to xmax into equally spaced parts.
FindDivisions[{xmin, xmax, dx}, n]
makes the parts always have lengths that are integer multiples of dx.
FindDivisions[{xmin, xmax}, {n1, n2, ...}]
finds successive subdivisions into about n1, n2, ... parts.
FindDivisions[{xmin, xmax, {dx1, dx2, ...}}, {n1, n2, ...}]
uses spacings that are forced to be multiples of dx1, dx2, ....
FindDivisions[{xmin, xmax, {dx1, dx2, ...}}]
gives all numbers in the interval with spacings dxi.
  • FindDivisions[{xmin, xmax}, n] searches for numbers that are shortest in their decimal representation.
  • FindDivisions[{xmin, xmax}, n, k] searches for numbers that are shortest in their base k representation.
  • The first and last numbers may be slightly outside the range xmin to xmax.
  • The dxi can be exact numbers such as Pi/2 specified in symbolic form.
  • FindDivisions[{xmin, xmax}, {n1, n2, ...}] yields a list of lists, in which later lists omit elements that occur in earlier lists.
  • For some choices of dxi, some of the lists generated may be empty.