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gives the maximal matching of the bipartite graph g.
  • MaximalBipartiteMatching gives a maximal set of non-adjacent edges between the two vertex sets of the bipartite graph.
  • The bipartite graph represented by an m×n matrix consists of the row and column vertex sets R={1, 2, ..., m} and C={1, 2, ..., n}, with a vertex iR and jC connected if the matrix element gij≠0.
  • The bipartite graph represented by a rule list {i1->j1, i2->j2, ...} consists of vertex sets R=Union[{i1, i2, ...}] and C=Union[{j1, j2, ...}], with a vertex iR and jC connected if the rule i->j is included in the rule list.
  • MaximalBipartiteMatching returns a list of index pairs {{i1, j1}, ..., {ik, jk}} where the number of pairs k is not larger than either vertex set.
A bipartite graph describing acceptable drinks for 4 people:
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The drinks each person should have, if no two person is to have the same drink:
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