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MeanTest[list, 0]
performs a test with null hypothesis =0.
  • MeanTest[list, 0] gives a p-value for the test that the mean of the population from which list was sampled is significantly different from 0.
  • If the variance is assumed known, MeanTest is based on the normal distribution.
  • If the variance is not assumed known, MeanTest is based on Student's t distribution with Length[list]-1 degrees of freedom.
  • The following options can be given:
FullReportFalsewhether to include detailed information about a test
KnownVarianceNonevariance of population
SignificanceLevelNonesignificance level of the test
TwoSidedFalsewhether to perform a two-sided test
  • With FullReport->True, MeanTest also returns the sample mean, the test statistic, and the distribution used to generate the p-value.
A test of the population mean against 0:
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