This is documentation for Mathematica 6, which was
based on an earlier version of the Wolfram Language.
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JLink Guide
Calling Mathematica from Java
KernelLink communicate with a Mathematica kernel
MathLink low-level methods for communicating with any MathLink program
MathLinkFactory create links
MathLinkException link errors
Monitoring Packet Flow
PacketListener, PacketArrivedEvent respond to arrival of MathLink packets
PacketPrinter print packet contents (useful for debugging)
Representing & Storing Expressions
Expr Java representation of Mathematica expressions
LoopbackLink temporary storage for expressions
User Interface Components
MathFrame, MathJFrame convenience classes for Mathematica-aware Java windows
MathCanvas, MathGraphicsJPanel display Mathematica graphics and typeset output
ConsoleWindow display Java console output
MathSessionPane fully functional user interface for Mathematica kernel sessions
InterruptDialog user interface for interrupting computations
BracketMatcher, SyntaxTokenizer utility classes for working with Mathematica input
Event Listeners
MathActionListener call a Mathematica function when an ActionEvent occurs in Java
MathWindowListener call a Mathematica function when a WindowEvent occurs in Java
LinkSnooper monitor the flow of packets between two MathLink programs
MathematicaTask Ant task for calling Mathematica