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NETLink Guide
.NET Types & Assemblies in Mathematica
LoadNETType load and set up a .NET type for use from Mathematica
NETType expression that represents a .NET type
LoadNETAssembly load and set up a .NET assembly for use from Mathematica
NETAssembly expression that represents a .NET assembly
NETNew create a .NET object of a specified type
MakeNETObject create a .NET object that represents an expression
CastNETObject cast the specified object to a different type
NETTypeInfo information about types
NETObjectQ whether an expression is a valid .NET object reference
InstanceOf whether an object is an instance of a certain type or subtype
SameObjectQ whether two NETObject expressions reference the same .NET object
LoadedNETObjects list of all .NET objects in use
LoadedNETTypes, LoadedNETAssemblies list of all .NET types or assemblies in use
ReturnAsNETObject return an object reference instead of its value
NETObjectToExpression convert an object reference into its value