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generates a plot of the specified property property as a function of geometric altitude.
  • AtmosphericPlot has the same options as Plot.
  • Possible values for property are:
CollisionFrequencycollision frequency
DynamicViscositycoefficient of dynamic viscosity
GravityAcceleration45 degree latitude acceleration of gravity
KinematicViscositykinematic viscosity
KineticTemperaturekinematic temperature
MeanDensitymean density of air
MeanFreePathmean free path
MeanMolecularWeightmean molecular weight
MeanParticleSpeedmean particle speed
NumberDensitytotal number density
Pressuretotal atmospheric pressure
PressureScaleHeightlocal pressure scale height
SoundSpeedspeed of sound
ThermalConductivityCoefficientcoefficient of thermal conductivity