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creates a Pareto plot from the frequencies of the elements in list.
ParetoPlot[{{cat1, freq1}, {cat2, freq2}, ...}]
creates a Pareto plot from categories cati with frequencies freqi.
  • ParetoPlot combines a bar chart displaying percentages of categories in the data with a line plot showing cumulative percentages of the categories.
  • The categories are sorted in decreasing order of frequency.
  • ParetoPlot has the same options as Graphics, with the following additions and changes:
AxesTruewhether to draw axes
BarEdgesTruewhether edges should be shown with the bars
BarEdgeStyleGrayLevel[0]style for the edges of bars
BarLabelsAutomaticlabels for the bar chart
BarOrientationVerticalorientation of the bars
BarStyleAutomaticstyle of bars
PlotMarkersAutomaticmarkers for points
PlotStyleAutomaticstyles for the line
  • The BarOrientation option applies to the entire plot, not just the bars.
  • The BarLabels option applies labels cyclically to the bars in the order in which they appear.
ParetoPlot for categories represented by letters:
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