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ListVectorFieldPlot3D[{{pt1, vec1}, {pt2, vec2}, ...}]
generates a three-dimensional plot of the list of vectors vec1, vec2, ..., with each vector based at a corresponding point pt1, pt2, ....
  • Each point pti is a coordinate vector {xi, yi, zi} in a Cartesian coordinate system.
  • ListVectorFieldPlot3D has the same options as Graphics3D with the following additions and changes:
ScaleFactorAutomaticthe scale of the vectors to the mesh; Max ensures that the largest vector fits in the mesh
ScaleFunctionNonefunction to rescale the lengths of vectors
MaxArrowLengthNonedetermines the largest vector to be drawn
ColorFunctionNonecolors to use
VectorHeadsFalsewhether to draw vectors with heads
Plot of a three-dimensional vector field:
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