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Some of the functionality of the World Plotting Package is now available in CountryData.
WorldGraphics[primitives, options]
represents a planetary map. It applies to standard graphics primitives.
  • Unscaled Line, Polygon, Point, and Text locations are given in minutes of latitude and longitude, and transformed to x and y coordinates by the specified projection.
  • The following options can be given:
WorldBackgroundNonespecify a background for the resulting graphic
WorldClippingFullspecify the clipping to be done on polygons
WorldFrameAutomaticspecify the style of frame
WorldFrameParts{1,1,1,1}determine which parts of the frame are shown
WorldGridAutomaticspecify the spacing of gridlines
WorldGridBehindTruespecify whether the grid lay behind the graphic
WorldGridStyleThickness[0.001]specify the style of the gridlines
WorldPoints100specify the number of divisions in the range
WorldProjectionEquirectangularspecify the projection to use
WorldRangeAutomaticspecify the latitudes and longitudes to be plotted
WorldRotatedRangeFalsespecify whether the plotted range takes WorldRotation into account
WorldRotation{0,0,0}transform a projection into a transverse or oblique projection