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Control Objects
Mathematica provides a full range of control objects, all specified in convenient symbolic form. Manipulate uses many of these objects automatically; you can also use them directly as part of generalized input, or in building your own dynamic interfaces.
ColorSlider interactively select a color
Setter set a value when pressed: Setter Setter
Toggler toggle through values when clicked
PopupMenu menu of choices
InputField field for strings, numbers or any expression
LocatorPane movable locators on graphics or other backgrounds
Animator  ▪ Manipulator  ▪ Locator  ▪ ProgressIndicator  ▪ Trigger  ▪ ClickPane
Button button with any form and action
PasteButton button to paste an expression
ActionMenu menu of actions to choose
EventHandler low-level event handler
FileNameSetter system file browser
ColorSetter system color picker
SystemDialogInput files, fonts, sounds, etc.
Hyperlink general hyperlink to cells and URLs
Tooltip  ▪ Mouseover  ▪ StatusArea  ▪ PopupWindow  ▪ Labeled  ▪ ...
Dynamic  ▪ DynamicModule  ▪ MousePosition  ▪ Setting  ▪ DynamicSetting  ▪ ...
Grid  ▪ Row  ▪ Column  ▪ Panel  ▪ TabView  ▪ Pane  ▪ Deploy  ▪ ...
ImageSize  ▪ Appearance  ▪ Deployed  ▪ Enabled  ▪ AutoAction  ▪ ...