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Data Visualization
Using a host of original algorithms developed at Wolfram Research, Mathematica provides powerful functions that automate the process of creating cognitively and aesthetically compelling representations of structured and unstructured data—not only for points, lines and surfaces, but also for graphs and networks.
ListPlot plot lists of points
ListLinePlot plot lines through lists of points
ListPlot3D 3D plot from lists of 3D height data
ListPointPlot3D 3D point scatter plot
ListSurfacePlot3D surface reconstruction from 3D points
ListContourPlot, ListDensityPlot contour and density plots from height values
ListContourPlot3D 3D contour surfaces from 3D field values
ArrayPlot plot an array of values or colors
ReliefPlot plot an array with simulated relief
MatrixPlot plot values in a matrix
DateListPlot date and time plots
GraphPlot lay out a general graph
LayeredGraphPlot draw a graph in a layered or hierarchical way
TreePlot draw a tree structure
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