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based on an earlier version of the Wolfram Language.
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Directories & Directory Operations
Directory current kernel directory
SetDirectory set the current kernel directory
NotebookDirectory current notebook directory
Directory Names
ParentDirectory the parent of a directory
DirectoryName pick out the directory part from a full file name
ToFileName assemble a file name from a list of parts
Directory Operations
User File Directories
$UserDocumentsDirectory default directory to store kernel files
$HomeDirectory user's home directory
$UserBaseDirectory default base directory for user-specific add-on files
$Path list of directories to search for files
System File Directories
$InitialDirectory initial directory when Mathematica was started
$BaseDirectory default base directory for systemwide add-on files
$InstallationDirectory root of directories for Mathematica installation files
$RootDirectory file system root directory
$TemporaryPrefix prefix to use for temporary files