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Dynamic Graphics Elements
Mathematica's unified symbolic architecture makes it straightforward to insert dynamic behavior anywhere in any graphic. Single functions—readily generated programmatically—define the most common annotations and drill-downs, and integration with the full Mathematica language allows arbitrarily complex behaviors to be defined.
Tooltip attach a tooltip with any contents to any object
Dynamic display any object dynamically updated
Inset inset any static or dynamic expression into a graphic
Button  ▪ ClickPane  ▪ EventHandler  ▪ EmitSound
Locator dynamic movable handle in any graphic
Manipulate attach general interactive controls to any graphic
Slider  ▪ Slider2D  ▪ PopupMenu  ▪ Checkbox  ▪ ...
TabView  ▪ SlideView  ▪ ListAnimate  ▪ ...