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Evaluation Menu
Evaluate Cells evaluate the selected cells
Evaluate in Place evaluate the selection in place, pasting output over the selection
Evaluate in Subsession evaluate the selected cells in a kernel subsession (Dialog)
Evaluate Notebook evaluate all evaluatable cells in the notebook
Evaluate Initialization Cells evaluate all initialization cells in the notebook
Dynamic Updating Enabled toggle automatic updating of dynamic objects
Convert Dynamic to Literal replace a dynamic object with its current static value
Debugger open the debugger palette
Interrupt Evaluation... interrupt the current evaluation
Abort Evaluation abort the current evaluation
Remove from Evaluation Queue cancel pending evaluation of the cell
Find Currently Evaluating Cell scroll to the cell currently evaluating
Kernel Configuration Options... configure local and remote kernels
Default Kernel set the default kernel for all calculations
Notebook's Kernel set the kernel for the current notebook
Notebook's Default Context set the default context for newly created symbols
Start Kernel start the specified kernel
Quit Kernel quit the specified kernel