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Graphics Directives
Mathematica allows you detailed control over the way that graphics objects are rendered. The combination of sequentially-acting graphics directives, together with hierarchical style specifications, makes possible succinct descriptions of complex graphical scenes.
Red  ▪ Green  ▪ Blue  ▪ Hue  ▪ RGBColor  ▪ GrayLevel  ▪ Blend  ▪ ...
Opacity opacity (0 for transparent)
ColorData data for named color schemes (gradients, collections, etc.)
PointSize, AbsolutePointSize relative and absolute sizes of points
Lines & Arrows
Thick, Thin, Thickness, AbsoluteThickness line thicknesses
Arrowheads form and placement of arrowheads
2D & 3D Objects
EdgeForm, FaceForm rendering of edges and faces
Opacity, Glow, Specularity, Lighting 3D surface properties
Text & Formatting Options
FontSize  ▪ FontFamily  ▪ Bold  ▪ Italic  ▪ StandardForm
Directive compound directive
Style general style specification