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Graphics Shape & Size
Of particular importance in handling high-throughput programmatic graphics are Mathematica's sophisticated mechanisms for controlling graphics size and shape—allowing immediate aesthetically optimized integration into complex documents, user interfaces and information displays.
AspectRatio ratio of overall height to width (Automatic to use raw coordinate values)
Drag resize a graphic, maintaining aspect ratio
Ctrl+Drag change aspect ratio
BoxRatios 3D overall box shape (ratios of box side lengths)
SphericalRegion whether to make a 3D graphic rotatable without changing size
ImageSize absolute overall image size
Tiny  ▪ Small  ▪ Medium  ▪ Large  ▪ ...
Full full width of window, etc.
Scaled scaled relative to window, etc.
Magnify display a graphic or any other expression magnified
ImageSizeMultipliers how to rescale graphics appearing inside lists, text, etc.
ImageSizeAction whether to rescale text etc. when changing the region it is in
ImageMargins margins to leave around the outside of the image
PixelConstrained whether to constrain a raster to align with screen pixels