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Image Processing
Import import image data, giving raster data, vector data, etc.
Export export static or dynamic image data with many options
"GIF"  ▪ "JPEG"  ▪ "TIFF"  ▪ "PNG"  ▪ "SVG"  ▪ "PDF"  ▪ "DICOM"  ▪ ...
Rasterize convert any Mathematica graphic or expression to raster form
ArrayPlot display an array of data, using an arbitrary color map
ColorFunction  ▪ ColorRules  ▪ Clip  ▪ Rescale  ▪ Unitize  ▪ ReliefPlot
ListConvolve convolve with a kernel
CellularAutomaton apply any cellular automaton rule
Fourier, FourierDCT, FourierDST apply discrete Fourier transforms
Pick pick out elements based on a template
Partition partition into blocks
ArrayFlatten flatten out sub-blocks
Map map any function onto pixels