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Low-Level MathLink Operations
Sending Low-Level Data
MLPutNext() prepare to send an object of the specified type
MLPutSize() specify the number of bytes to send
MLPutData() send raw bytes
MLBytesToPut() find the number of bytes remaining to be sent
Receiving Low-Level Data
MLGetNext() continue to the next object, and return its type
MLGetType() return the type of the current object
MLGetData() get raw bytes
MLBytesToGet() the number of bytes to receive
Error Handling
MLError(), MLErrorMessage() information on the most recent error
MLClearError() clear the most recent error
Flow Control
MLReady(), MLReadyParallel() test whether there is data ready to be read
MLFlush() send any data currently buffered
MLCreateMark(), MLSeekToMark(), ... rewind to specified positions
MLSetYieldFunction(), MLGetYieldFunction() functions to call while waiting
Interrupts & Aborts
MLPutMessage(), MLPutMessageWithArg() send an interrupt or abort message
MLGetMessage() receive an interrupt or abort message
MLMessageReady() whether an interrupt or abort message is available
MLSetMessageHandler(), MLGetMessageHandler() handler for messages received
MLSetSignalHandler(), MLUnsetSignalHandler() handler for signals on Unix