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based on an earlier version of the Wolfram Language.
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MathLink C Functions for Exchanging Strings
Sending Strings
MLPutString() null-terminated Mathematica strings
MLPutByteString() 8-bit character strings
MLPutUnicodeString(), MLPutUCS2String() 16-bit UCS-2 strings
MLPutUTF8String() UTF-8 strings
MLPutUTF16String() UTF-16 strings
MLPutUTF32String() UTF-32 strings
Receiving Strings
MLGetString() null-terminated Mathematica strings
MLGetByteString() 8-bit character strings
MLGetUnicodeString(), MLGetUCS2String() 16-bit UCS-2 strings
MLGetUTF8String() UTF-8 strings
MLGetUTF16String() UTF-16 strings
MLGetUTF32String() UTF-32 strings
Releasing Memory for Strings
MLReleaseString() release MathLink memory allocated to a string
MLReleaseByteString() 8-bit character strings
MLReleaseUCS2String() 16-bit UCS-2 strings
MLReleaseUTF8String() UTF-8 strings
MLReleaseUTF16String() UTF-16 strings
MLReleaseUTF32String() UTF-32 strings