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Mathematical Constants
Mathematica incorporates the latest algorithms—some original to Wolfram Research—for evaluating mathematical constants to any number of digits of precision. For basic constants like and , millions of digits can routinely be computed in seconds.
Pi () — pi 3.14 (entered as Esc p Esc)
E () — exponential constant e2.718 (entered as Esc ee Esc "exponential e")
Degree (°) — conversion factor from radians to degrees
GoldenRatio golden ratio 1.618
EulerGamma Euler's constant 0.577
StieltjesGamma Stieltjes constants n
Catalan Catalan's constant C0.916
Glaisher Glaisher's constant A1.282
Khinchin Khinchin's constant K2.685
I () — (entered as Esc ii Esc "imaginary i")
Root general root of a polynomial
N evaluate to any precision
RealDigits list of digits
ContinuedFraction continued fraction expansion
FullSimplify simplify symbolic expressions involving constants