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New in 6.0: Mathematics & Algorithms
Mathematica 6.0 represents a major new level in Mathematica's distinguished twenty-year history of broad cutting-edge algorithm development. Mathematica's unified architecture and unique tradition of integrating disparate algorithmic areas—together with new basic scientific and mathematical methodologies created at Wolfram Research—have made possible an ever increasing rate of algorithm innovation in Mathematica.
HankelH1  ▪ KelvinKer  ▪ SphericalBesselJ  ▪ ParabolicCylinderD  ▪ WhittakerM  ▪ SpheroidalS1  ▪ BesselJZero  ▪ AiryAiZero  ▪ ZernikeR  ▪ ZetaZero  ▪ ...
Major New Numerics Capabilities
FindMinimum, FindMaximum (modified) now support constrained nonlinear optimization
FindFit (modified) now supports constrained nonlinear fitting
Minimize, Maximize, LinearProgramming (modified) now support integer programming
NIntegrate now supports efficient high-dimensional integration
Interpolation, InterpolatingPolynomial (modified) generalized to higher dimensions
Band symbolic representation of generalized banded matrices & arrays
ArrayFlatten generalized block matrix constructor
FullSimplify (modified) now supports general equational theorem proving
SeriesCoefficient (modified) now supports symbolic series
Expand, Apart, ... (modified) now automatically thread over equations
Mean, Variance, ... (modified) now support symbolic distributions
MeanDeviation  ▪ Skewness  ▪ Kurtosis  ▪ CentralMoment  ▪ ExpectedValue  ▪ ...
PDF, CDF probability density function, cumulative density function
BinCounts  ▪ Tally  ▪ MovingAverage  ▪ MovingMedian  ▪ ...
Nearest find nearest neighbors in multidimensional data
FindClusters cluster analysis for numerical, Boolean, string, etc. data
PolyhedronData database of properties of regular polyhedra
New in Discrete Math
GraphPlot, GraphPlot3D, LayeredGraphPlot lay out graphs of any size
GraphData database of named graphs and their properties
TreePlot display trees
FindShortestTour solve traveling salesman problems
New in Computational Systems
TuringMachine general 1D, 2D, etc. Turing machines
CellularAutomaton (modified) extended to allow more general rules
AlgebraicNumber implicit representation of a general algebraic number
RootApproximant find an algebraic approximation to a number
Divisible  ▪ CoprimeQ  ▪ NextPrime  ▪ RandomPrime  ▪ SquareFreeQ  ▪ ...
IntegerLength  ▪ IntegerString  ▪ BitSet  ▪ BitShiftLeft  ▪ ...
Some Functions with Major New Algorithms
NIntegrate  ▪ FindMinimum  ▪ LinearProgramming  ▪ FunctionExpand  ▪ LinearSolve  ▪ DSolve  ▪ RSolve  ▪ Sum  ▪ Integrate  ▪ Series  ▪ NDSolve  ▪ Interpolation