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New in 6.0: Statistics
Version 6.0 introduces integrated highly efficient support for a wide range of statistical functions and operations, both on explicit data, and on symbolic representations of statistical distributions.
New Location Measures
Mean (modified)  ▪ Commonest  ▪ RootMeanSquare  ▪ TrimmedMean  ▪ HarmonicMean  ▪ GeometricMean
New Dispersion Measures
Variance (modified)  ▪ StandardDeviation (modified)  ▪ MeanDeviation  ▪ MedianDeviation  ▪ Quartiles  ▪ QuartileDeviation  ▪ InterquartileRange
New Shape Measures
New Multivariate Measures
New Symbolic Features of Distributions
CDF  ▪ PDF  ▪ InverseCDF  ▪ ExpectedValue  ▪ CharacteristicFunction  ▪ Quantile (modified)
New Random-Generation Functions
New Data-Smoothing Functions
New Data-Analysis Functions
BinCounts count the number of elements that lie in bins
BinLists  ▪ Tally  ▪ Commonest
FindClusters find clusters in numerical, discrete and string data
Nearest find nearest neighbors in any space of data