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Parallel & Grid Computing
Mathematica's general MathLink symbolic communication protocol immediately allows both platform-independent client-server operation—as well as parallel computation in which both data and programs can be exchanged seamlessly between Mathematica kernels. Building on these foundations, gridMathematica provides a full environment for parallel computing, with fully integrated parallel-computation functions and advanced grid-management support.
Running Remote Kernels
EvaluationKernel Configuration Options set up additional local or remote kernels
EvaluationNotebook's Kernel choose the kernel to connect to
Evaluator specify which kernel to use for a cell, button, etc.
Launching Kernels
LinkLaunch, LinkCreate, LinkConnect start and connect kernels
-mathlink command-line option for launching Mathematica in MathLink mode
LinkRead, LinkWrite read, write arbitrary data and programs over MathLink
LinkReadyQ select between several MathLink links
Process Management