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Plotting and Image Regions
Mathematica allows convenient automated selection of plotting and image regions using a family of specially developed robust algorithms, as well as allowing detailed manual control, especially for optimization of image stability in animations and dynamic graphics.
PlotRange the basic range of coordinates to include (e.g. All, Automatic)
PlotRangePadding how much to extend the range of coordinates, axes, etc.
FrameMargins margins to leave inside a frame
ImagePadding extra space outside the final plot range to leave for labels, etc.
PlotRangeClipping whether to clip objects that extend beyond the final plot range
ImageSize the overall size of the final image
ImageMargins margins to leave outside the final image
AspectRatio the shape of the final image, leaving empty space if necessary
SphericalRegion whether to leave space for 3D graphics to rotate without clipping
DataRange how to assign coordinates in data plots
Scaled coordinates scaled to plot range
ImageScaled coordinates scaled to image region