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Scientific & Medical Data Formats
Mathematica can import from a variety of file formats commonly used in physics, astronomy, meteorology, chemistry, biology, medicine and physiology.
General Formats
"HDF", "HDF5" NCSA hierarchical data format (.hdf, .h5)
"CDF" NASA common data format (.cdf)
"NetCDF" Unidata scientific data format
Astronomical Data
"FITS" FITS astronomical data and image format (.fit)
Medical Imaging
"DICOM" DICOM annotated medical images (.dcm, .dic)
Medical and Physiological Data
"EDF" European Data Format (.edf)
Molecular Models
"XYZ" XYZ molecule geometry file (.xyz)
"MOL" MDL MOL format (.mol)
Bioinformatics Formats
"FASTA" bioinformatics sequence format (.fasta, .fa, .fsa, .mpfa)
"PDB" Protein Data Bank format (.pdb)
Common Elements
"Data" — array of numbers or strings
"Graphics" — raster image
"Rules" — rules for all elements
"Elements" — all available elements