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is an option for Style and Cell which specifies what automatic indentation should be done at the beginning of a new line after an explicit return character has been entered.
Falsedo no indentation
Trueindent the same as the previous line
Automaticindent according to the structure of the expression (default)
  • With AutoIndent->True, tabs or spaces used for indentation on the previous line are explicitly inserted at the beginning of the new line.
  • Indentation after an \[IndentingNewLine] is automatically redone every time an expression is displayed.
Create a cell with AutoIndent->True:
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Type some spaces at the beginning of a line:
When you press the Enter key, Mathematica inserts the same indentation in the next line:
Create a cell with AutoIndent->Automatic:
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Every time you press Enter in this cell, Mathematica indents according to expression structure:
As you edit the cell further, the structural indentation shifts appropriately:
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