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represents a checkbox with setting x, displayed as when x is True and when x is False.
takes the setting to be the dynamically updated current value of x, with the value of x being toggled if the checkbox is clicked.
Checkbox[x, {val1, val2}]
represents a checkbox that toggles between values val1 and val2, and displays as and respectively.
Checkbox[x, {val1, val2, val3, ...}]
represents a checkbox that cycles through values vali, and displays as for all vali with i>2.
  • The following options can be given:
AppearanceAutomaticthe overall appearance of the checkbox
AutoActionFalsewhether to change the checkbox automatically when the mouse is over it
BaselinePositionAutomaticalignment relative to surrounding text
EnabledAutomaticwhether the checkbox is enabled, or grayed out
ImageMargins0margins around the image of the displayed checkbox
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