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creates a dialog notebook containing expr, and opens it in the front end.
CreateDialog[expr, obj]
replaces the notebook represented by the notebook object obj with the one obtained from expr.
  • Dialog notebooks created by CreateDialog are by default opened in the middle of the main display screen. Explicit settings for WindowMargins override this.
  • CreateDialog[expr] by default puts expr into a single output cell.
  • If expr is a complete notebook expression, CreateDialog[expr] creates an open notebook corresponding to this expression.
  • If expr is a cell or list of cells, CreateDialog[expr] creates a notebook consisting of this cell or cells.
  • The additional option Modal specifies whether the dialog created by CreateDialog should be modal.
  • With the default setting Modal->False, other windows can be used even when the dialog is open. With Modal->True, no other Mathematica windows can be used until the dialog has been closed. If there is no mechanism for closing the dialog, Mathematica will effectively freeze.
  • If DialogReturn is executed, for example as a result of clicking a button, within the window created by CreateDialog, then the window will be closed.
  • CreateDialog[expr, obj] overwrites whatever data was contained in the notebook represented by the notebook object obj.
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