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DatePlus[date, n]
gives the date n days after date.
DatePlus[date, {n, "unit"}]
gives the date n units after date.
DatePlus[date, {{n1, "unit1"}, {n2, "unit2"}, ...}]
gives a date offset by ni units of each specified size.
gives the date n days after the current date.
gives the date with the specified offset from the current date.
  • DatePlus[date, -n] gives the date n days before date.
  • Dates can be specified in the following forms:
{y,m,d}year, month, day
{y,m}the first day of the specified month
{y}January 1 of the year y
"string"date as a string ("Jan. 1, 2000")
{y,m,d,h,m,s}precise time
timeabsolute time specification
  • Possible offset units are "Year", "Quarter", "Month", "Week", "Day", "Hour", "Minute", "Second".
  • {y, m, d} is taken to be equivalent to {y, m, d, 0, 0, 0}, etc.
  • DatePlus[date, offset] gives results in the same general format as date.
  • When date is a list, the result has the same length as date, possibly extended to include the smallest unit in offset.  »
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