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is an option for Grid and related constructs that specifies where and how to draw divider lines.
  • The following basic settings can be given:
Alldraw all dividers
None or Falsedraw no dividers
Truedraw dividers around the exterior only
Centerdraw dividers between interior items only
gdraw all dividers using graphics directive g
  • For Grid and related constructs, lists of settings can be given. Common cases include:
{All,False}put dividers at every horizontal position (column lines)
{False,All}put dividers at every vertical position (row lines)
{{False,True},False}a divider before the second column
{False,{False,True}}a divider before the second row
  • General settings for Dividers in Grid and related constructs can be given as:
{specx,specy}use the speci at successive x and y positions
  • The speci can have the following forms:
{s1,s2,...,sn}use s1 through sn; then use defaults
{{c}}use c in all cases
{{c1,c2}}alternate between c1 and c2
{{c1,c2,...}}cycle through all ci
{s,{c}}use s, then repeatedly use c
{s1,{c},sn}use s1, then repeatedly use c, but use sn at the end
{s1,s2,...,{c1, c2, ... }, sm, ... , sn}
use the first sequence of si at the beginning, then cyclically use the ci, then use the last sequence of si at the end
{s1,s2,...,{},sm,...,sn}use the first sequence of si at the beginning and the last sequence at the end
{i1->v1,i2->v2,...}specify what to use at positions ik
{spec,rules}use rules to override specifications in spec
  • The si and ci can be True, False, or an explicit graphics directive.
  • Possible graphics directives include Thick, Thin, Dashed, Dotted, as well as color, thickness and dashing directives, and composite directives specified by Directive.
  • For a grid with n items in a particular direction, Dividers can specify settings for dividers in the n+1 gaps between items, starting before the first element, and ending after the last element.
  • Dividers are always placed at the center of the gaps between items.
  • Dividers never extend into items that span rows or columns.
Draw all the interior dividers in a grid:
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Put dividers at all horizontal positions:
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