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Element ()

Element[x, dom]
or xdom asserts that x is an element of the domain dom.
Element[{x1, x2, ...}, dom]
asserts that all the xi are elements of dom.
Element[patt, dom]
asserts that any expression matching the pattern patt is an element of dom.
  • xdom can be entered as x Esc el Esc dom or x\[Element]dom.
  • Element can be used to set up assumptions in Simplify and related functions.
  • Possible domains are:
Algebraicsalgebraic numbers
BooleansTrue or False
Complexescomplex numbers
Primesprime numbers
Rationalsrational numbers
Realsreal numbers
  • xdom if possible evaluates immediately when x is numeric.
  • (x1|x2|...)dom is equivalent to {x1, x2, ...}dom.
  • {x1, x2, ...}dom evaluates to (x1|x2|...)dom if its truth or falsity cannot immediately be determined.
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