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FlipView[{expr1, expr2}]
represents an object which flips between displaying expr1 and expr2 each time it is clicked.
FlipView[{expr1, expr2, ...}]
cyclically flips through successive expri.
FlipView[{expr1, expr2, ...}, i]
makes expri be the object currently displayed.
  • Clicking anywhere inside a FlipView advances to the next object.
  • FlipView[list, Dynamic[i]] takes the displayed object to be specified by the dynamically updated current value of i, with the value of i being reset if a new object is displayed.
  • The following options can be given:
AlignmentAutomatichow to align objects in the display area
BaselinePositionAutomatichow to align with a surrounding text baseline
BaseStyle{}base style specifications for the FlipView
EnabledAutomaticwhether controls are enabled
FrameMarginsAutomaticmargins inside the overall frame
ImageMargins0margins around the display area
ImageSizeAutomaticthe overall image size for the display area
  • With ImageSize->All, FlipView always leaves space for the largest of the expri to be displayed, so that its overall size does not change.
  • The settings for BaseStyle are appended to the default style typically given by the "FlipView" style in the current stylesheet.
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