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tries a wide range of transformations on expr involving elementary and special functions, and returns the simplest form it finds.
FullSimplify[expr, assum]
does simplification using assumptions.
  • FullSimplify will always yield at least as simple a form as Simplify, but may take substantially longer.
  • The following options can be given:
Assumptions$Assumptionsdefault assumptions to append to assum
ComplexityFunctionAutomatichow to assess the complexity of each form generated
ExcludedForms{}patterns specifying forms of subexpression that should not be touched
TimeConstraintInfinityfor how many seconds to try doing any particular transformation
TransformationFunctionsAutomaticfunctions to try in transforming the expression
  • FullSimplify does transformations on most kinds of special functions.
  • With assumptions of the form ForAll[vars, axioms], FullSimplify can simplify expressions and equations involving symbolic functions.  »
Simplify an expression involving special functions:
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Simplify using assumptions:
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Prove a simple theorem from the assumption of associativity:
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