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GeometricTransformation[g, tfun]
represents the result of applying the transformation function tfun to the geometric objects corresponding to the primitives g.
GeometricTransformation[g, m]
transforms geometric objects in g by effectively replacing every point r by m.r.
GeometricTransformation[g, {m, v}]
effectively replaces every point r by m.r+v.
  • GeometricTransformation[g, {{mxx, myx}, {mxy, myy}}] transforms the unit vectors {1,0} and {0,1} respectively to {mxx, mxy} and {myx, myy}.
  • For different spec, GeometricTransformation[g, {m, spec}] leaves fixed the following special points on the bounding box of g:
Leftmidpoint of the left side
Rightmidpoint of the right side
Topmidpoint of the top
Bottommidpoint of the bottom
{Left,Top}, etc.corners
  • For objects specified with scaled coordinates Scaled[{x, y}], GeometricTransformation effectively applies its transformation to the corresponding ordinary coordinates.
  • Normal[expr] if possible replaces all GeometricTransformation[gi, ...] constructs by versions of the gi in which the coordinates have explicitly been transformed.
  • The following option can be given:
ContentSelectableAutomaticwhether to allow contents to be selected
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