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Infix[f[e1, e2, ...]]
prints with f[e1, e2, ...] given in default infix form: e1~f~e2~f~e3....
Infix[expr, h]
prints with arguments separated by h: e1 h e2 h e3....
  • Infix[expr, h, precedence, grouping] can be used to specify how the output form should be parenthesized.
  • Precedence levels are specified by integers. In OutputForm, some precedence levels are:
x y z400
  • Possible grouping (associativity) specifications are:
NonAssociativenot associative—always parenthesized
Nonealways associative—never parenthesized
Leftleft associative (e.g., (a/b)/c)
Rightright associative (e.g., a^(b^c))
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