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is an option for UnderoverscriptBox and related boxes which specifies whether to change the positioning of underscripts and overscripts in the way conventional for limits.
  • UnderoverscriptBox[x, y, z, LimitsPositioning->False] is always displayed with explicit underscripts and overscripts, as .
  • The form is used when the box appears in a subscript or other script, or inline in a piece of text.
  • With the default setting LimitsPositioning->Automatic the display of UnderoverscriptBox[x, y, z] depends on x. If x is \[Sum], \[Product] or another form conventionally displayed with limits, then LimitsPositioning->True is effectively used. Otherwise, LimitsPositioning->False is used.
Define a low-level structure that has small underoverscript elements:
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With LimitsPositioning->True, the upper and lower scripts go to the right of the base:
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With LimitsPositioning->False, the upper and lower scripts stay directly above and below:
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With LimitsPositioning->Automatic, the side positions are used with base ∑, not with x:
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