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ListPolarPlot[{r1, r2, ...}]
plots points equally spaced in angle at radii ri.
ListPolarPlot[{{1, r1}, {2, r2}, ...}]
plots points at polar coordinates i, ri.
ListPolarPlot[{list1, list2, ...}]
plots several lists of values.
  • ListPolarPlot[list] by default plots each element of list as a separate point.
  • The angle theta is measured in radians, counterclockwise from the positive x axis.
  • The x, y position corresponding to r, theta is r cos(theta), r sin(theta). The value of theta need not be between 0 and 2 pi.
  • In ListPolarPlot[{r1, ..., rn}], r1 is taken to be associated with theta=0, and rn with theta=2 pi(1-1/n).
AspectRatioAutomaticratio of height to width
AxesOrigin{0,0}where axes should cross
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