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ListSurfacePlot3D[{{x1, y1, z1}, {x2, y2, z2}, ...}]
plots a three-dimensional surface constructed to fit the specified points.
AxesTruewhether to draw axes
BoundaryStyleAutomatichow to draw boundary lines for surfaces
BoxRatiosAutomaticbounding 3D box ratios
ColorFunctionAutomatichow to determine the color of the surface
ColorFunctionScalingTruewhether to scale arguments to ColorFunction
MaxPlotPointsAutomaticthe maximum number of points to include
MeshAutomatichow many mesh lines in each direction to draw
MeshFunctions{#1&,#2&,#3&}how to determine the placement of mesh lines
MeshShadingNonehow to shade regions between mesh lines
MeshStyleAutomaticthe style for mesh lines
MethodAutomaticthe method to use for interpolation and data reduction
PerformanceGoal$PerformanceGoalaspects of performance to try to optimize
PlotRangeAllthe range of values to include
PlotRangePaddingAutomatichow much to pad the range of values
PlotStyleAutomaticgraphics directives to specify the style for the surface
RegionFunction(True&)how to determine whether a point should be included
  • ListSurfacePlot3D yields a surface that fits the data provided, but may not necessarily contain the specific points defined by the data.
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