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is an option for LocatorPane, Manipulate and related functions which specifies whether new locators should be created when clicking away from existing locators.
  • The following settings can be given:
Truecreate a new locator with any Alt+Click
{min,max}allow between min and max locators
minallow anything more than min locators
Allcreate a new locator with any mouse click
{All,{min,max}}limit the number of possible locators
  • With LocatorAutoCreate->True, any Alt+Click that does not hit an existing locator will cause a new locator to be created at the position of the click. Alt+Click on an existing locator deletes the locator.
  • With LocatorAutoCreate->{min, max}, any Alt+Click that would decrease the number of locators below min or above max will have no effect.
  • LocatorAutoCreate->All specifies that any mouse click that does not hit an existing locator should create a new locator. Alt+Click deletes a locator.
  • When a new locator is added, its coordinates placed at the end of the list of coordinates for the enclosing LocatorPane or other object.
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