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generates a plot that gives a visual representation of the values of elements in a matrix.
  • MatrixPlot[m] by default arranges successive rows of m down the page, and successive columns across, just as a matrix would normally be formatted.
  • MatrixPlot by default displays zero values as white, with negative values tending to be bluish and positive values reddish.
ClippingStyleAutomatichow to show clipped values
FrameTruewhether to draw a frame around the plot
FrameTicksAllwhat ticks to include on the frame
MaxPlotPointsAutomaticthe maximum number of points to include
  • PlotRange->r specifies that only those aij between -r and +r should be shown.
  • With the default setting ColorFunctionScaling->True, scaling is done based on a mixture of relative value and ranking for each matrix element. The final scaled value always lies between 0 and 1, with scaled value 0.5 corresponding to matrix element value 0.
  • With the default setting MaxPlotPoints->Automatic, sufficiently large or sparse matrices are downsampled so that their structure is visible in the plot generated by MatrixPlot.
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