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puts up a standard message dialog that displays expr together with an OK button.
MessageDialog[expr, {lbl1:>act1, lbl2:>act2, ...}]
includes buttons with labels lbli, which evaluate the corresponding acti if clicked.
  • The contents expr can be text, graphics, or any other expression.
  • MessageDialog returns immediately, but the dialog it generates remains up until one of its buttons is pressed, or the dialog window is closed.
  • MessageDialog[expr] generates a dialog that includes an OK button. Pressing Enter or Esc is taken to be equivalent to pressing the OK button.
  • MessageDialog places buttons automatically, outside the area used to display expr.
  • MessageDialog by default puts up a dialog in the middle of the main display screen. Explicit settings for WindowMargins override this.
Post a message in its own window:
The message can include any kind of expression:
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