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displays as a pane containing expr.
Pane[expr, w]
makes the pane be w printer's points wide, line-wrapping the contents if necessary.
Pane[expr, {w, h}]
makes the pane be w points wide, and h points high, shrinking the contents if necessary.
  • The following options can be given:
Alignment{Automatic,Automatic}how to align objects in the display area
BaselinePositionAutomaticwhat to align with a surrounding text baseline
BaseStyle{}base style specifications for the pane
ImageMargins0margins to add outside the display area
ImageSizeAutomaticthe overall image size of the displayed pane
ImageSizeActionAutomaticwhat to do if the content size does not match the image size
  • With a typical default stylesheet, Pane[expr] with no additional options displays exactly like expr.
  • The settings for BaseStyle are appended to the default style typically given by the "Pane" style in the current stylesheet.
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