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displays as a panel containing expr.
Panel[expr, title]
gives the panel the specified title.
Panel[expr, title, pos]
places title at a position specified by pos.
Panel[expr, {title1, title2, ...}, {pos1, ...}]
places titlei at position posi.
displays an empty panel.
  • Deploy[Panel[expr]] produces a deployed version, in which elements such as sliders and buttons are active, but general editing and selection is disabled.
  • Panel by default displays expr in "Panel" style, which typically uses the system panel font.
  • Possible forms for the posi are:
sidecentered on the specified side
{side,align}on the specified side with the specified alignment
  • The following options can be given:
Alignment{Automatic,Automatic}how to align elements in the panel
BaselinePositionAutomatichow to align with a surrounding text baseline
BaseStyle{}base style specifications for the panel
EnabledAutomaticwhether the panel is enabled, or grayed out
FrameMarginsAutomaticmargins inside the frame of the panel
ImageMargins0margins around the image of the displayed panel
ImageSizeAutomaticthe overall image size of the displayed panel
LabelStyle{}style specifications for the tab area
  • The settings for BaseStyle and LabelStyle are appended to the default styles typically given by the "Panel" and "PanelLabel" styles in the current stylesheet.
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