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is an option for graphics functions that specifies what range of coordinates to include in a plot.
  • PlotRange can be used for both two- and three-dimensional graphics.
  • The following settings can be used:
Allall points are included
Automaticoutlying points are dropped
Fullinclude full range of original data
maxexplicit limit for each function (see below)
{min,max}explicit limits for y (2D), z (3D) or array values
{{xmin,xmax},{ymin,ymax}}explicit limits for x and y
{{xmin,xmax},{ymin,ymax},{zmin,zmax}}explicit limits for x, y and z (3D)
  • When no explicit limits are given for a particular coordinate, a setting of Automatic is assumed.
  • With the Automatic setting, the distribution of coordinate values is found, and any points sufficiently far out in the distribution are dropped. Such points are often produced as a result of singularities in functions being plotted.
  • Any explicit limit or pair {min, max} can be replaced by a specification such as All or Automatic.
  • A setting such as {min, Automatic} gives a particular minimum value for a coordinate, with a maximum value to be determined automatically.
  • If a particular minimum or maximum is specified as {Automatic, } this means that the range should in effect be cut off beyond a fraction of points in the plot. When smooth curves or surfaces are plotted, the measure of points is based on projected length or area.
  • The setting Full can be used in Plot and related functions to specify that a range determined by the original input to the plotting function should be used.  »
  • Plot[f, {x, xmin, xmax}, PlotRange->Full] specifies that the full range {xmin, xmax} should be used, even if no actual values of f are plotted in part of that range.
  • With the setting PlotRange->s the following ranges are used:  »
ListPlot and ListLinePlot {Full,{0,s}}
ParametricPlot and RegionPlot {{-s,s},{-s,s}}
ContourPlot and ListContourPlot{Full,Full,{-s,s}}
DensityPlot and ListDensityPlot{Full,Full,{-s,s}}
Plot3D and ListPlot3D{Full,Full,{-s,s}}
ParametricPlot3D and RegionPlot3D{{-s,s},{-s,s},{-s,s}}
ContourPlot3D and ListContourPlot3D{Full,Full,Full,{-s,s}}
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