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As of Version 6.0, Random has been superseded by the functions RandomReal and RandomInteger.
gives a uniformly distributed pseudorandom Real in the range 0 to 1.
Random[type, range]
gives a pseudorandom number of the specified type, lying in the specified range. Possible types are: Integer, Real and Complex. The default range is 0 to 1. You can give the range {min, max} explicitly; a range specification of max is equivalent to {0, max}.
  • Random[Integer] gives 0 or 1 with probability .
  • Random[Complex] gives a pseudorandom complex number in the rectangle with corners 0 and 1+i.
  • Random[Complex, {zmin, zmax}] uses the rectangle defined by zmin and zmax.
  • Random[Real, range, n] generates a pseudorandom real number with n-digit precision. Both leading and trailing digits may be chosen as 0.
  • Random gives a different sequence of pseudorandom numbers whenever you run Mathematica. You can start Random with a particular seed using SeedRandom.
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