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is an option for plotting functions which specifies the region to include in the plot drawn.
  • The setting RegionFunction->r specifies that a point should be included in the region when r[args] yields True.
  • The arguments supplied to r are as follows:
Plot and ListLinePlotx , y
ParametricPlotx, y, u or x, y, u, v
RegionPlotx, y
ContourPlot and ListContourPlotx, y, f
DensityPlot and ListDensityPlotx, y, f
ContourPlot3D and ListContourPlot3D
x, y, z, f
Plot3D, ListPlot3D and ListSurfacePlot3D
x, y, z
ParametricPlot3Dx, y, z, u or x, y, z, u, v
RegionPlot3Dx, y, z
  • Adaptive refinement is typically used to determine the boundaries of the region specified by RegionFunction.
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