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Row[{expr1, expr2, ...}]
is an object that formats with the expri arranged in a row, potentially extending over several lines.
Row[list, s]
inserts s as a separator between successive elements.
  • Row[list] by default formats the expri as if they appeared as successive elements in StandardForm input, with no extra space in between.
  • The separator s can be any expression. Typical choices include:
" "a single-space character
", "a comma and space
Spacer[w]a spacer w printer's points wide
Invisible[expr]space as wide as the expression expr
  • When Row extends onto multiple lines, it chooses where to break just like an ordinary Mathematica expression, and inserts indentation on subsequent lines.
  • The elements expri can be strings, graphics or any other expressions.
  • The expri are arranged so that their baselines or alignment points are aligned.
  • TextCell[Row[list], ...] creates a text cell that directly contains strings and styled strings in list.
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